Listing of All Current Rodeos

Bryan #1(Bryan, Texas) - 08/16/2019 Edna #2(Edna, Texas) - 09/06/2019 YRA FInals(Edna Texas) - 06/17/2020
Edna #3(Edna, Texas) - 09/20/2019 Bellville #4(Bellville, Texas) - 10/25/2019 HItchcock #5(HItchcock Texas) - 11/15/2019
Halletsville #6(Halletsville, Texas) - 11/22/2019 HItchcock #7(Hitchcock) - 01/17/2020 GIddings #8(Giddings) - 02/14/2020
Rosenberg(Rosenberg) - 02/28/2020 Gonzales #9(Gonzales Tx) - 03/13/2020 Giddings #11(Giddings) - 05/01/2020
Hamilton #12(Hamilton Texas) - 05/15/2020

Please follow the YRA facebook page for info and reminders. The 1st go for all events will be Wednesday. The 2nd go for all events will be Thursday. Friday will be a fun day for all! Saturday will be the top ten in the average back to the short go. Thank you to IES Electrical Specialists ( Achille and Durso families) for donating the jackets for each contestant. Thank you to Hooey and 6E construction ( Ehlinger family) for donating caps for each contestant. Thank you to all our generous donors in each event! Don't forget your human heath paper and auction item at check in.