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Rodeo #1(PAUL'S VALLEY) - 11/17/2018 Rodeo #2(PAUL'S VALLEY) - 11/18/2018 Rodeo #3(TISHOMINGO OK) - 12/01/2018
Rodeo #4(TISHOMINGO OK) - 12/02/2018 Rodeo #5(Purcell Ok) - 01/19/2019 Rodeo #6(Purcell Ok) - 01/20/2019

Please keep in mind that these points have not been audited. If you have any questions please ask the point auditer or point secretary of that age group. We hope to see you at rodeo. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL DRAW. PLEASE MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR CHILD INTHE RIGHT AGE GROUP AND EVENTS. ENTRIES AS OF MONDAY JAN. 14