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#1 San Angelo AJRA Rodeo(San Angelo) - 11/13/2020 #3 Rose Palace AJRA(Boerne) - 11/20/2020 #4 Rose Palace AJRA(Boerne) - 11/21/2020
#2 San Angelo AJRA(San Angelo) - 11/14/2020 #5 Stephenville AJRA Rodeo(Stephenville, TX) - 02/05/2021 #6 Stephenville AJRA Rodeo(Stephenville, TX) - 02/06/2021

Results for the Stephenville rodeos #5 & #6 are now posted. Please review them carefully! If you have a question or you think that there is a mistake please ONLY email: you did not pick up your check(s), it will be mailed out on Tuesday.=============Seniors and college freshman----a scholarship application for the Texas Cowboy has been made to ALL 2021 high school graduating seniors and college freshman! Application deadline is February 20, 2021! To access the application, please go the: This is a great scholarship opportunity!