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#1 Stephenville AJRA Rodeo(Stephenville, TX) - 11/09/2018 #2 Stephenville AJRA(Stephenville, TX) - 11/10/2018 #3 Hamilton AJRA Rodeo(Hamilton, TX) - 11/16/2018
#4 Hamilton AJRA(Hamilton, TX) - 11/17/2018

Hamilton AJRA rodeos #3 & #4 results are now posted. Please review them carefully. If there is a mistake please notify the rodeo secretary by emailing Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks to all who contributed to the Toy Drive in Hamilton! See you in Midland in March! A new online membership process is now available. Find it on the AJRA website! Please notice that "No Times" are indicated by 100.00 and "Turn Outs" are 200.00. Review the posting and if there should be any questions or mistakes that need attention, please feel free to call (325) 277-5824 or email