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Stephenville AJRA #1(Stephenville, TX) - 11/10/2017 Stephenville AJRA #2(Stephenville, TX) - 11/11/2017 Hamilton AJRA #3(Hamilton, TX) - 11/17/2017
Hamilton AJRA #4(Hamilton, TX) - 11/11/2017 Midland AJRA #5(Midland, TX) - 03/30/2018 Midland AJRA #6(Midland, TX) - 03/31/2018
Abilene AJRA #7(Abilene, TX) - 04/20/2018 Abilene AJRA #8(Abilene, TX) - 04/20/2018 Graham AJRA #9(Graham, TX) - 05/04/2018
Graham AJRA #10(Graham, TX) - 05/04/2018 Sweetwater AJRA #11(Sweetwater, TX) - 05/11/2018 Sweetwater AJRA #12(Sweetwater, TX) - 05/11/2018
Goldthwaite AJRA #13(Goldthwaite, TX) - 06/21/2018 Eden AJRA #14(Eden, TX) - 06/21/2018

Results for the Goldthwaite and Eden rodeos are now posted! Please review them carefully. If you have questions please email! A BIG THANK YOU to the Goldthwaite FFA and Concho Saddle Club! Both organizations did a fabulous job of putting on our last 2 rodeos! Thank you for all of your hard work! Our membership appreciates all that you did to make these events successful! If you did not pick up your NFR packets at the rodeos this past weekend, they will be placed in the mail on Monday. All of the infromation and paperwork will also be uploaded to the AJRA website under the NFR label. The online entry process will be made available starting June 29, 2018. ENTRY deadline will be July 6, 2018. That means the entries must be in the secretary's hands by that day! Please read all of your information that is in the NFR packet carefully. Please notice that "No Times" are indicated by 100.00 and "Turn Outs" are 200.00. Review the posting and if there should be any questions or mistakes that need attention, please feel free to call (325) 277-5824 or email