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Harriman Rodeo(Harriman) - 09/09/2017 Harriman Rodeo #2(Harriman) - 09/10/2017 Cookeville #1(Cookeville) - 10/07/2017
Cookeville #2(Cookeville) - 10/08/2017 Tunica #1(Tunica) - 10/28/2017 TUNICA #2(Tunica) - 10/29/2017
Priceville #1(Tunica) - 10/28/2017 Priceville #2(Tunica) - 10/29/2017

Priceville Rodeo Saturday Performance 7 pm. Barrels, tie down, poles, team roping, breakaway, goats will be 1-10. All Bareback, Saddlebronc, steerwrestling, and bulls will also be in performance. Everything else will be in slack which will begin at 1. Saturday night please wear RED, WHITE, and BLUE in rememberance of our Veterans!! Auction will be directly after Saturday night performance. Please bring auction items. Sunday Church service will be at 8:30 am Priceville Rodeo Sunday Performace 10 am, there will be no Slack